About Us

Spa Paradise is an experience of a lifetime. The environment soothing your senses, calming your nerves while our range of premium services take you through an existential journey through the cosmos of the spirit. Our unique location as a Standalone Spa in Delhi/NCR metro area symbolizes us as truly one of the Stars in the canvas of this beautiful City. A living, breathing city which comes to relax and receive Spa Treatment in Delhi, at our humble abode always leaves, ready to face the reality of life. A place where customers rejuvenate, detoxify, de-stress and experience something unique and unspoken for which, they have always come back for more. We believe it is our unwavering zeal to provide a truly unique experience catering to the needs of our clients. We have received the compliments for being the Best Spa in Delhi however, it has, is and always will be a Spa that cares for its customers.

Welcome to Spa Paradise, a customer focused, premium luxury Spa which treats you like you were meant to be treated, with the touch of the Divine. We have something for everyone because, everyone deserves a chance at Tranquility.